Vicente Sanfuentes “Full Circle Mix” for BNR TRAX Sept. 2012 by Sanfuentes
Vicente Sanfuentes
Surtek Collective
BoysNoize Records
Boysnoize Records
-The Heller and Farley Project: We Built This House (Roach Motel Dub)
-Marc Houle: Undercover
-Bottin Presents Tinpong: Jabberwock (Rudy’s Midnight Machine Talk, Talk Dub)
-Cowboy Rhythmbox: Shake (Original Mix)
-Dimitri From Paris & Dj Rocca: Pretty Baby feat. Hard Ton (Dim Rocca Sound Factory Rub)
-Chicken Lips: D.R.O.M.P. (The Emperor Machine Extended Version)
-Surtek Collective: Vari (EXCLUSIVE!!! Coming out Sept. 10th at )
-Murphy Jax Feat. Mike Dunn: It’s The Music (Alden Tyrell Remix)
-Willie Graff & Tuccillo: To The Music (Dj Qu Remix)
-John Roman: Petrified
-Radio Slave: Secret Base (Rob Mello’s No Ears Dub)
-Dj Duke: Another 9 Minutes to Dew It (Original Mix)
-MKRNI: Humedad (DJ’s Pareja Remix)
-John Roman: St. Hood
-Del Strange: Don’t Lose Control (Del’s White Kappa Tracksuit Mix)